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Автор: Mojito

Дата: 08.09.19, @12:01

  Дживик запилил прошивку для 4К проекторов, которая динамически выстраивает тон-маппинг для ХДР контента.
Это главное, для чего надо было строить НТРС с MadVR.
Интересно, как это будет работать в реальности.
Плохая новость в том, что новых моделей в этом году, похоже, не будет.

Релиз от ДжиВС:

JVC Projector Firmware Update Delivers Significantly Upgraded HDR Performance

New Frame Adapt HDR analyzes HDR10 content frame by frame and automatically optimizes brightness.

LONG BEACH, Calif, September 5, 2019 – Underscoring its commitment to offer the best possible home theater experience, JVC today announced a firmware update for its line of Native 4K D-ILA projectors that delivers a significant advancement in HDR performance. JVC will demonstrate this feature at the 2019 CEDIA Expo, September 12 - 14 in Denver at booth 2536.

This feature forward update adds JVC’s new Frame Adapt HDR function, which dynamically analyzes HDR10 picture level frame by frame and automatically adjusts the brightness & color to optimize HDR performance for each frame.

Because content brightness varies, a fixed setting cannot deliver optimum image quality. JVC’s new Frame Adapt HDR solves this by instantly analyzing the peak brightness of each frame or scene using a proprietary JVC algorithm, and adjusting dynamic range to provide the best possible HDR image. Frame Adapt HDR works with any HDR10 content, even content that does not contain brightness metadata (Max CLL/Max FALL).


1. Delivers images closer to reality

Dynamic range is adjusted in real time for optimal image projection. At the same time, saturation, hue, and brightness is analyzed and optimal corrections are made, which reduces color loss.

As a result, even within a single program, darker scenes have deeper blacks with enhanced color. Bright scenes have higher peak brightness without color loss while maintaining black level. All content is reproduced closer to what the human eye can see.

2. Compatible with all HDR10 content

Frame Adapt HDR adjustments are based on analysis of the input HDR10 signal. Therefore, it is effective on content with or without mastering information. As a result, all HDR10 content can be enjoyed with greater dynamic range and image quality than ever before.

3. Smooth gradation with 18-bit level gamma accuracy

The gamma processing accuracy, which in the past was based on 12-bit equivalent, has been improved to 18-bit and as a result gradation performance is dramatically improved. In any given scene, it reduces the banding effect in the bright portions and the crushing of dark portions. This provides accurate, smooth gradation along with higher average peak level brightness and increased color saturation, which has previously been a challenge with HDR content.

Other Improvements

* Support for 16x9 content when using a Panamorph Paladin DCR lens (adds Anamorphic D). It is now possible to leave a Paladin DCR lens in position and view both ultra-wide and 16x9 content correctly.
* Auto Calibration support for Spyder X sensor.
* Adds new presets to screen adjustment function.

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